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Transformer oil cooler & converter oil cooler is to be located inside locomotive to cool transformer oil and converter coolant. Transformer oil cooler & converter oil cooler is consolidated by means of bolts into a homogeneous cooling package making the compact design and perfect solution for railway locomotives cooling system.

Our vacuum brazed plate fin heat exchanger design in aluminium construction gives it lightweight and better heat transfer rate than conventional type heat exchangers.We also provide all required auxiliary accessories along with cooler to make it complete cooling system.

Our Compact size with reliable plate fin heat exchanger design is the paramount choice of our clients. Lightweight design & application of special aluminium material make our transformer converter oil cooler more durable, corrosion resistant & efficient for remote applications. Provision to achieve maximum heat transfer rate in smaller size make our cooler cost effective and prior choice to our customer


Operating pressure : 4 kg/cm2 to 8 kg/cm2
Power source for forced cooling : Electric motor


Electric locomotive

Now a days, electric locomotive is more in application due to its significant fuel saving advantage.We have taken initiative to develop indigenous transformer converter cooling system for electric locomotive in one design to make it more reliable and compact size for maintenance purpose.

Need Air cooled transformer converter oil cooler ?

Our air to liquid transformer converter oil cooler represents the most cost effective and reliable method to reduce temperature of transformer oil & converter coolant to run system on optimum temperature and provide the best performance to locomotive.

Request a Customized transformer converter Oil Cooler?

Fully custom transformer converter Oil Coolers designed and fabricated specifically to your exact application’s requirements, in the fastest time possible.
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