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Hydraulic oil cooler

Air blast hydraulic Oil Cooler is used for maintaining oil temperature & viscosity. It removes heat gained due to frictional losses of hydraulic system of mobile or stationary equipment.
Air Cooled Oil cooler can be made to suit different types of hydraulic oils

Apollo is a reputed Oil cooler manufacturer for hydraulic oil. These coolers can be specially designed to suit individual customer’s specific requirement. Flux less vacuum brazed plate fin design in aluminium construction ensures good thermal efficiency & long life to cooler.lightweight & compact size of cooler provides easy maintenance and give solutions for problem related to space constraint.

Over the years, Many of satisfied customers have relied on Apollo Hydraulic oil cooler to build some of the the most power producing applications around the world. If you are looking for exceptional performance from your power producing applications like defence vehicles, infrastructure equipments & wind turbine power plant, consider adding a Apollo hydraulic oil cooler


Design for Oil:ISO series, VG 68 / ISO 68, SAE Series
Power source for force cooling: hydraulic motor /electric motor


Tracked Vehicle

Day by day, demand of latest technology in defence become crucial for security of our nation.our indigenously developed cooling system for tracked battle tanks consolidates all sort of cooling needs in to one system like combination of radiator+Hydraulic oil cooler+transmission oil cooler+Charge air cooler fuel oil cooler to make it compact as much as possible.

Wheeled Vehicle

Military applications when heavy lifting need like military equipment transportation, mobile radar system.Our import substitution cooling package which includes transmission oil cooler make sures optimum performance & smooth working of defence wheeled vehicles in any critical weather conditions.

Artillery gun

Apollo is pioneer in india to develop cooling package for artillery gun which comprise of radiator ,Hydraulic oil cooler & charge air cooler. Compact size & light weight ensures more mobility & optimum design make possible to perform in extreme weather conditions

Wind Turbine Power Plant

Today, the increasing energy demand and the need for a cleaner environment demand more sustainable wind turbine power plant.apollo offers cooling solutions for converter cooling & oil cooling solution includes transmission and hydraulic oil cooling to ensure perfect working of wind turbine for any weather conditions.

Earth Moving Equipment

We supply cooling package and transmission oil cooler for various earth moving equipment like Excavator,Backhoe loader,Dumper.Wheel, loader,Transit Mixer,Concrete pump, Motor Grader,Paver,Compactor.We majorly supply direct to OEM’s and also undertake reverse engineering of replacement cooling package spares which are already designed.

Drilling & Mining equipment

We supply cooling package comprise of radiator, hydraulic oil cooler,aftercooler & charge air cooler for Excavator,Backhoe loader,Dumper.We majorly supply to OEM’s and also undertake reverse engineering of replacement cooling package spares which are already designed.

Hydraulic machinery

Hydraulic machines are machinery that use liquid fluid power to do heavy weight lifting and used for press applications. To accomplish heavy load capacity oil pressurized at very high pressure which leads to rise in temperature of oil. This heat has be removed for satisfactory function of machine. Apollo offers fluxless vacuum brazed aluminium plate fin hydraulic oil cooler for hydraulic machinery.

Need Air cooled hydraulic oil cooler ?

Our air to liquid hydraulic oil cooler represents the most cost effective and reliable method to reduce temperature of hydraulic oil for optimum efficiency of hydraulic machinery.

Request for Reverse -Engineered hydraulic oil cooler

At Apollo, we have the experience and technology to reverse-engineer obsolete parts and then re-design them to improve their performance. Heat exchangers are often designed and built on production lines which become obsolete in only a few years. When a replacement heat exchanger cannot be obtained from its original manufacturer the only way to replace it is to design and build a new one that fits and functions like (or better) than the original one.

Request a Customized hydraulic oil Cooler

Fully custom hydraulic Oil Coolers designed and fabricated specifically to your exact application’s requirements, in the fastest time possible.

Fill out our Custom Cooling System Request Form and one of our Engineers will get in touch with you.