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Heat Sink

Heat sink is a heat exchanging device which has a crucial role in electrical power units & Vehicle control unit to control the temperature of the system so it can provide maximum performance with long life.

We design our heatsink to take full advantage of the air flow that passes through them. Our fully brazed bar and plate construction means that our heatsink can provide superior heat rejection, which may provide an attractive design at the expense of thermal transfer efficiency.

Apollo facilitates to manufacture a high efficient heat sink of aluminium construction for various applications and as per clients demand. You can be assured that with a Apollo Custom or Pre-Engineered Heatsink will maintain correct temperature in application for maximum performance and reliability


Cooling fluid :Air
Power source for forced cooling:Electric fan


Electric Locomotive

Aluminium Heat Sink with internal fins cools the chamber air of electric locomotive electrical panel and ensures that the electronic modules work effectively without any breakdown. Till date Apollo has supplied more than 3000 heat sink.

Need Air to Air cooled heat sink ?

Our versatile air to air bar & plate type heat sink represents the most cost effective and reliable method for cabinet cooling of locomotive vehicle control unit.

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