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Intercooler | Aftercooler

In air compressors, increase in pressure of air leads to increase of air temperature also. Aluminium intercooler cools the hot compressed air in between stages of compressor. Aluminium After cooler cools the compressed air after the last stage of compressor.

Apollo offers air cooled intercooler and air cooled after cooler as compact aluminium plate fin type heat exchanger construction to cool the hot compressed air to the ambient temperature with minimum pressure drop. The compact design and effective fins used for cooling make our aluminium coolers as preferred product design by all major OEMs due to its long life and low operational costs. The aluminium intercooler has a robust construction design to withstand high pressure and temperature.

Our versatile air to air intercooler| aftercooler represents the most cost effective and reliable method to reduce temperature of intake compressed air in compressor application. Drawing on decades of experience in Intercooler| Aftercooler development and testing, apollo coolers have been carefully designed to deliver superior heat dispersion of the compressed airflow while minimizing the amount of pressure loss.


Design Temperature: Upto 190 C
Design Pressure: Upto 40 bar

Applications of Inter cooler| After cooler


Inter cooler & after cooler is a part of combi cooler which is used in metro train braking system compressor. Our compact combi cooler cools output compressed air to optimum temperature to ensure efficient & Reliable braking

Drilling & Mining Equipment

Many Drilling and mining equipment need compressed air at optimum temperature for effective digging operations which may lead to the need of mobile compresor. Our lightweight intercooler & aftercooler for mobile compressor make sure optimum cooling of compressed air in various weather conditions.

Screw compressor

Screw type compressor is most selling compressors in the market.Apollo provides most reliable combi cooler for screw compressor with minimum pressure drop across cooler.combi cooler is combination of After cooler & oil cooler

Reciprocating compressor

Reciprocating air compressor always will be a first choice For application where high pressure air needed. Our cooling package comprise of intercooler & aftercooler make sure safe working due to use of special high strength aluminium material for construction & high factor of safety consideration in design for high pressure.

Customized Solutions:

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