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Air -Preheater

When warm, dry air is critical to the manufacturing process, air dryers are often installed as part of the plant’s compressed air system. One of the most common designs is a non-cycling direct expansion refrigerated air-dryer. Apollo has developed the Air preheater designed specifically to meet the needs of the refrigerated air dryer market.Apollo makes a range of standard sizes or can custom design specific range of Air preheater to meet the demands of high-volume OEMs.

The Air- preheater is also composite pre cooler & re heater is a compact multi- section all Aluminium heat exchanger featuring brazed bar, plate fin design. It cools the incoming air using the cold air exiting the refrigerant section. It then cools the stream enters a separation chamber to allow the condensed moisture to fall out, since the air is reheated in the regeneration section, the final humidity remains below 25%

Apollo makes a range of standard sizes or can custom design of specific range to meet the demands of high volume OEM’s. Apollo has designed 4 Models of CPNR designed for Dew point 2 ͦC with inbuilt moisture bottle for capacity of 100 to 1000 CFM
● 100 CFM
● 200 CFM
● 300 CFM
● 1000 CFM




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