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Cooling package

In Equipment or system variety of air cooler for different applications is to be consolidated into a homogenous cooling package to save the power, cost, space & weight of the equipment.cooling package comprise of All aluminium fluxless vacuum brazed plate fin heat exchanger, Axial fan,Cowl, Motor,filter & any other accessory along with according to the application and customer need

Our custom design and manufacturing process ensures that the finished cooling package will fit and perform in our customer’s application without need for modifications or additional equipment.

Our design and engineering team is ready to assist you to make sure your cooling package has the right fit and configuration, including all the features you need to make sure it performs to your high expectations.

● Good Performance in Heavy Duty applications.
● Short production lead-time.
● Wide range of design patterns, flow configurations, fittings, and mounting options.
● High performance electric fans & aluminum cowl options.




Tracked Vehicle

Day by day, demand of latest technology in defence become crucial for security of our nation.our indigenously developed cooling system for tracked battle tanks consolidates all sort of cooling needs in to one system like combination of radiator+Hydraulic oil cooler+transmission oil cooler+Charge air cooler fuel oil cooler to make it compact as much as possible.

Various type of cooling package for different battle tanks
1. (Radiator + Hydraulic oil cooler + Lube oil cooler + Charge air cooler)
2. (Radiator + hydraulic oil cooler + lube oil cooler)
3. (Radiator + Fuel oil cooler + Charge air cooler + transmission oil cooler)
4. (Radiator + Hydraulic oil cooler + condenser)

Reciprocating Compressor

Reciprocating air compressor always will be a first choice For application where high pressure air needed. Our cooling package comprise of intercooler & aftercooler make sure safe working due to use of special high strength aluminium material for construction & high factor of safety consideration in design for high pressure.

1. Complete cooling package for Reciprocating Compressor
(Intercooler + aftercooler + Radiator with Fan & Motor)

Screw compressor

Screw type compressor is most selling compressors in the market.Apollo provides most reliable combi cooler for screw compressor with minimum pressure drop across cooler.

 Combi-Cooler for Screw compressor

(After cooler + Oil cooler).

Earth Moving Equipment

We supply cooling package and transmission oil cooler for various earth moving equipment like Excavator,Backhoe loader,Dumper.Wheel, loader,Transit Mixer,Concrete pump, Motor Grader,Paver,Compactor.We majorly supply direct to OEM’s and also undertake reverse engineering of replacement cooling package spares which are already designed.

Reverse -Engineered cooling package

At Apollo, we have the experience and technology to reverse-engineer obsolete parts and then re-design them to improve their performance. Heat exchangers are often designed and built on production lines which become obsolete in only a few years. When a replacement heat exchanger cannot be obtained from its original manufacturer the only way to replace it is to design and build a new one that fits and functions like (or better) than the original one.

Need a Custom cooling package ?

Fully custom cooling package designed and fabricated specifically to your exact application’s requirements, in the fastest time possible.
Fill out our Custom cooling package Request Form and one of our Engineers will get in touch with you.
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