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Metro Train

Metro rails are rail-based, mass rapid transit systems that operate on an exclusive right-of-way, which is separated from all modes of transport in an urban area. Most often, the right-of-way is either underground or elevated above street level.Metro trains are the modern mode of intra-city transportation with upgraded technology. Apollo has developed heat transfer solutions for break compressors and traction transformers of Metro.


Intercooler | Aftercooler

Aluminum intercooler and aluminum aftercooler for compressed air cooling are made of vacuum brazed plate & fin construction. They offer very high heat transfer rate and minimum pressure drop.

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Cooling Package

Apart from individual products, Apollo can design complete combi cooler package for metro train applications .Air Cooled heat exchangers used for different purposes together are designed keeping overall application performance in mind

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At Apollo we understand that while the basic concept of cooling is fairly straightforward, there are areas of theory and execution where even the most veteran engineer could use their best of knowledge to create the cooling system for their application. Technical, Design and Engineering Support is your open line of communication to our engineering team.