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Electric Locomotive

Electric locomotive is most preferred type of locomotive for both passenger and goods transportation.They are in application due to its significant fuel saving advantage. 3 Phase Traction Transformer of the electric locomotive has mineral oil as the cooling medium. The Propulsion system consisting of main power convertor and auxiliary convertor has water glycol coolant as the cooling medium. Heat Losses generated by traction transformer and propulsion system needs to be dissipated by cooling system. Apollo is the first Indian company to develop indigenous cooling system for electric locomotives. Optimum design of the water coolant aluminum heat exchanger and transformer oil cooler are required to be done to achieve the required cooling performance. We are the major supplier for locomotive cooling system to Indian railways. Compact Aluminum heat exchanger design helps to make the overall cooling system very effective. We provide cooling solutions for traction transformer, vehicle control unit, converter system & break compressor.


Transformer and converter cooler

Apollo pioneers in manufacturing Transformer and convertor cooler, made of Aluminum vacuum brazed heat exchanger, cools the transformer oil and converter glycol in the railway electric locomotive.

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Liquid Cold plate for IGBT Cooling

Apollo manufactures Liquid Cold plate with internal fins and quick release couplings to give optimum cooling for IGBT cooling. The liquid cold plate provides localized cooling to power electronics

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Heat Sink

Aluminium Heat Sink with internal fins cools the chamber air in any electrical panel and ensures that the electronic modules work effectively without any breakdown.

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At Apollo we understand that while the basic concept of cooling is fairly straightforward, there are areas of theory and execution where even the most veteran engineer could use their best of knowledge to create the cooling system for their application. Technical, Design and Engineering Support is your open line of communication to our engineering team.