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Lube oil line designed to withstand low –pressure (50 psi) is used to move Lube Oil from header tank to a service point.

Apollo make sure that even though pressure inside the pipe is relatively low but vibrations being high,, Lube will not leak from anywhere from assembly.
We use Bundy (Copper coated MS tube) ¼” diameter tube with 0.8 mm thickness and high quality cast flanges of Brass for this critical application. The tube is induction brazes to the flange after undergoing ultrasonic cleaning process. This results in strong bonding between tube and the flange,
Lube oil line is fitted in diesel engine of General Motors locomotive .Apollo is renowned for supply Lube oil line to Indian railways from several years.



Diesel Locomotive

Apollo stands a record in supply of reliable diesel locomotive components like fuel injection tube assembly, fuel oil line, lube oil line, nozzle cooling sleeve for indigenously made ALCO locomotives, shunting locomotives with MAK -23 engine and other locomotives of design similar to General Motor locomotives manufactured by Indian Railways.

Do you want to develop new diesel engine components?

With a core technical expertise in pipe bending & making assemblies for critical applications, Apollo has developed many such assemblies for diesel locomotive of fitted with GM, ALCO & MAK engines. Apollo has been the leading company in India to manufacture and test critical diesel engine components and tube/pipe assemblies.

For your requirements of such items in bulk kindly