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Fuel Injection tube

In a diesel engine, finer is the dispersion of the fuel in form of droplets, better is the combustion.The dispersion becomes finer with higher & higher firing pressure . With advent of time,operating pressures are being increased for better combustion resulting in higher fuel efficiency and cleaner exhaust gases with lower unburnt fuel or unwanted gases.

In Diesel locomotives while changing the notches(gears) , there are surges of pressures upto about 3 times operating pressures.(As high pressure as 1800 bar) To withstand these pressure surges, fuel injection tube assemblies are subjected to “Autofrettage process” which develop hoop stresses in the walls enabling stoppage of propagation of cracks and thus avoiding the failure. This is being done by Apollo.

Fuel Injection Tube assembly takes fuel from fuel pump to injector and is coninuously subjected to expansion and contraction of its OD. Apollo is renowned for supply of highly precise fuel injection tube for diesel locomotives of ALCO & MAK design, till date we have supplied more than 250000 fuel injection tube to Indian railways during past 4 decades.



Diesel locomotive

Since 40 years ,Apollo stands a record in supply of reliable diesel locomotive components like fuel injection tube, fuel oil line, lube oil line, nozzle cooling sleeve and many more to Indian Railways. Fuel Injection Tube assembly is the first item developed by Apollo for Indian Railways. when ALCO locos were manufactured at DLW, Varanasi. It is fitted in cylinder head of ALCO BG locos WDM2/WDM3, WDS6 and MG locos YDM4 & all allied series of these locos.

Want to develop new diesel engine component ?

With a core technical expertise in pipe bending & tube drawing, Apollo has developed many diesel locomotive components.Apollo has been the first company in india to locally indigenize the imported diesel engine components.we alway give priority to new component development & steady supply.